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Movers Supply House, Inc. - Serving the Moving Industry for Over 30 Years

1476 East 222nd Street, Bronx, NY 10469 | voice: (718) 671-1200 OR toll free: 1-800-4321-MSH | fax: (718) 379-4403

History of Movers Supply House

THE HISTORY OF MSH goes back long before Eddie Edwards incorporated in 1977. After getting a start in the moving industry by Sadler Morgan at the age of 18, Eddie purchased York End Movers in Manhattan. Eddie ran his two truck moving company from 1964 until 1968 on First Avenue. In 1969 The Movers News, ran an ad for a salesman in a new company called Matlock Truck body. Eddie was hired by Matlock, and he sold York End Movers to John Griffin at Freeman Van & Storage. Running the road as the Matlock sales rep, movers began asking if he could supply inside equipment? Out of the back of an old Pontiac wagon, Eddie sold logistic straps, dollies and rubber bands. Because of the recession in 1974, Matlock converted their sales people into Distributors. This allowed Eddie to purchase and resell new trucks and trailers, and add new products to the inside van equipment business.

Starting from his garage at home, small inventories of dollies, handtrucks and straps were distributed during sales calls. Later, sharing space with Clancy Cullen Moving & Storage, in the Bronx, MSH became a full service supply house. As the company grew, Eddie purchased an old marble factory building in 1978. The next few years saw good growth, but a devastating fire in 1981, destroyed the entire inventory and building. It took over a year to get everything back up and running. During this time customers and vendors worked hard to keep the company operating, with storage trailers, and borrowed office space.

Two weeks after the fire, Joe DeHaen started with the company as a warehouse manager. Working with local customers and vendors, Joe helped develop both sides of the business. Overseeing the warehouse, shop operations, and dispatching, Joe worked to keep customers satisfied. Eventually taking over all of the day to day operations.

After working part time through school, Ed's son Ted came to Movers Supply House full time in 1984. Working originally as a driver and sewing machine operator, he eventually took over the in-house truck and trailer sales. The company began publishing an annual catalog in 1982. Ted continues to expand and improve the 72 page book of moving equipment. In addition it has been made available on this web site. Both Joe and Ted are now partners in the corporation.

In 1985 John Horkan began working for MSH in the warehouse. But, John wanted to get out to meet and serve his customers. Starting with the territory of Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, John has developed a strong relationship among his peers. Today he covers New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Lower New York State, in addition to attending the annual shows and conventions.

Seeing a need in the industry for a higher quality piano board, Movers Supply House began assembling moving equipment. This experience was the spring board for other goods, such as dollies, straps, wood ramps, and bins. After building an extension for the shop, 25 people worked at 222nd street. Eventually more space was required for the shop, and 8,000 sq. ft, was purchased in the south Bronx, in 1988. Extensive building renovations and custom tooling were required. Today, this facility supplies almost all of the production needs for MSH.

The renting of office moving equipment began, as most things, from customer demand. Dollies, Typewriter bins, and Library bins, are needed in great numbers for a special move, but would otherwise sit idle in a movers warehouse. MSH fills the temporary needs of New York movers large and small alike.

Today Movers Supply House continues to expand and adapt in an ever changing industry. New truck and trailer demand is very strong. We still publish and distribute our industry wide used equipment list, as a free service to our moving customers. After 30+ years in the moving & storage industry, Eddie still works on the road designing A M Haire moving vans, and Kentucky trailers. Meanwhile, the company Eddie founded, continues to stock and distribute the finest quality moving equipment in the industry.  

Mover Supply House
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