Special Announcement

Movers Supply House Inc. of Bronx, NY is excited to announce the sale of our inside van and packing material division to Clayton's Movers Supply Warehouse in New Milford, CT. With Joe DeHaen's retirement, Ted Edwards decided to continue the focus on the company's original business, selling custom moving vans to the Moving and Storage industry nationwide.

As Kentucky Trailers national sales agent, Movers Supply House will continue to focus on the special equipment needs of the moving industry. We will continue to run our free website, usedmovingvans.com to help people find buyers for their older moving vans and trailers.

Clayton's Movers Supply Warehouse was a particularly good fit for taking over the warehousing and sale of moving supplies for MSH. A.J. Apgar, owner and former employee of MSH has built a thriving supply business in their local CT market. Clayton's primary focus has been on industrial customers in need of both new and used warehouse racking, as well as general warehouse and packing supplies. The dolly and distributor relationships of Movers Supply House, makes for a natural extension of their ongoing business and current customer base.

John Horkan, long time sales representative, will continue to service his current customer base, as well as develop racking customers in his territory. Pat Boggi, warehouse manager for Movers Supply House, will bring the dolly manufacturing business to Clayton's, as well as work on expanding the equipment offerings as needed by their customers.

Thank you,
Ted Edwards